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Pipes, cranes and garbage trucks

Among the devices offered by GPSafe, you will find sensors that are installed in the dispensing motor of the pipes or in the presses that compact the garbage, making measurable the times and places where the machines are working. Nothing better to control your business!

Other Sensors (Hardware)

Opening and closing of doors


Video and Voice in Cab

Receive Notifications and Alerts


  • Detours

  • Unauthorized stops

  • Itinerary breaches 


  • Boarding and landing

  • Alert of entry and exit of units to the base

Points of interest

  • Know the location of the nearest hospitals, branches or gas stations



  • Panic button (SOS)

  • Speeding

  • Posible Impact Alert

Increase your income by remotely controlling your team's operations

View in real time the location of all your units

Organize your entire team from the same platform

Customize your account to receive only the alerts and reports that you consider relevant

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