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Supervision of staff

Installing a GPS device in company machines and vehicles will allow you to do a closer supervision of your staff and increase productivity. Whether corporate, leasing, or industrial, supervising your staff in the field, or following up with distributors.

Organize your entire team from the same platform

Your staff can send you an alert in case of emergency

Optimize times. Use the geofencing system as a time clock.

Customize your account to receive only the alerts and reports that you consider relevant

Receive Notifications and Alerts


  • Detours

  • Unauthorized stops 

  • Itinerary breaches 


  • Boarding and landing

  • Alert of entry and exit of units to the base

Hour meter

  • Know the exact time that your machines were active



  • Panic button (SOS)

  • Speeding

  • Posible Impact Alert

Other Sensors (Hardware)

Opening and closing of doors


Video and Voice in Cab


On a daily basis, receive reports on the global performance of your staff and of each of the units. These reports are customizable and you will receive them in PDF and Excel format.

Analyze the routes of each unit with the report: Route History

Analyze the consumption per unit with the report: Fuel Performance

Know the daily stops with the report: Engine On and Off

Know the time of each disembarkation with: Entry and exit of Geo-Fences


In addition to closely monitoring your employees, ensuring that assets are managed properly and increasing productivity, GPSafe will also make your company safer. You can prevent, for example, that your employees drive at excess speed or use the machines for longer than recommended for health. GPSafe tools are so versatile that, day by day, you will find more applications to give them to improve your operation and working conditions.

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