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Heavy Duty Hardware, resistant to dust, moisture and vibrations. Use the Hour meter to know the real time of use of the machinery in working hours.

Track and Control the productivity of your team

View in Real-time the location of all your units

Optimize times. Reduce Labor Costs

Customize your account to receive only the alerts and reports that you consider relevant

Receive Notifications and Alerts


  • Itinerary breaches


  • Machinery left the work zone

Points of Interes

  • Know the location of the nearest hospitals, branches, or gas stations.



  • Panic Button (SOS)

  • Misuse of Machinery (Voice and Video)

  • Algorithm for effective theft detection

Other Sensors (Hardware)

Opening and closing of doors


Video and Voice in Cab


Receive daily reports of the global performance of your Team and of each of the units. These reports are customizable and you will receive them in PDF and Excel format.

Know the Work History of each machine And Analyze Productivity

Analyze the consumption per unit with the report: Fuel Performance

Inefficiency Reports will allow you to take action and prevent losses.

Make sure your machines are in place: Entrance and exit of Geo-Fence

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