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Satellite devices will allow you to record your route anywhere in the world: In the middle of the ocean, in the mountains or the desert. In case of an emergency, you have the panic button that will connect you with specialized rescuers.

Mobile Device

The mobile GPS device can be secured to a belt or pendant that you wear under clothing. You will be able to move freely, having the assurance that it accompanies you at all times.

Send an alert if you are in danger

rescuers will arrive at your location

Record your routes and times. Recreate your tours with the Google street view

Receive an alert if you have left the safe zone

Customize your account to receive only the alerts and reports that you consider relevant


Recreate your tours and share the experience with your friends with the Google street level tour, accessed from our platform. Generate reports of your times and routes to go further every day.

Receive Notifications and Alerts


  • Detours


  • You left the safe zone

Points of interest

  • Know the location of the nearest hospitals, canteens or gas stations



  • Panic button (SOS)

  • Posible Impact Alert

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