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GPSafe will keep the information of each unit organized and protected: License Plate, Model, Driver, Account Statement, Exact Location ...

Our intelligent Software has access levels. In a single account (that of the company) all your employees will be able to access with their user, from their access level. Facilitating the flow of information, avoiding communication errors, speeding up your operation and, in general, improving the service.

Leasing companies

GPSafe has a Software specially designed for rental companies. The safety of your vehicles and the logistical efficiency of your company are our priority. Both you and your clients will have the peace of mind of knowing the location of the vehicle in real-time 24 hours a day.

Improve collection by immobilizing the vehicle or machine of customers who are late in payments

View in real-time the location of all your units

Customize your account to receive only the alerts and reports that you consider relevant

Schedule maintenance alerts, tire changes, oil, etc. According to the mileage of the vehicle

Receive Notifications and Alerts


  • The vehicle left town

  • The vehicle is on dangerous ground

  • The vehicle visited the competition

Points of Interest

  • Know the location of hospitals, branches or gas stations closest to the vehicle



  • Panic button (SOS)

  • Speeding

  • Possible Impact Alert

  • Turn off the vehicle remotely
    (This function is only for the landlord, not for the final customer)


Receive daily reports of your assets. These reports are customizable, you will receive them in PDF and Excel format.

Route History

Fuel efficiency

Engine On and Off.

Entry and exit of Geo-Fences

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